Buying or Selling Property? Remember Your Photo ID’s

Verification of identity [VOI] today is a normal part of a property transaction for both buyers and sellers of property. Even if you are obtaining finance from a lending institution, you will require a VOI check.

Any property transaction lodged with Land Victoria requires a verification process to be undertaken, even for the transfer of property to a spouse or the transfer of property to a surviving proprietor in respect of deceased Estate.

It is important to ensure your identification documents − in particular those containing a photo ID, such as a passport (either Australian or overseas) and a driver’s licence − are kept up to date. These are the primary identification documents used for a VOI check. If you have an expired Australian Passport, this can still be accepted if it has not been cancelled and has not been expired for more than two years. Think twice about not renewing a passport − the process of VOI can become complicated if your identification is out of date.
Once your VOI check has been undertaken, it is valid for a two-year period. It is also beneficial if you are about to sell or buy a property within the next 12 months to verify you have the VOI documents and even undergo the VOI check as first step in a property transaction.

Our Property department will be happy to assist you should you have any questions. Our Client Services Division will also assist with VOI requirements, safe custody of VOI information and authorised release. Our VOI representative will visit you at work or at home if that is more convenient to visiting our city office.