When the going gets tough…

When they are in financial strife, some people seek advice from their financial and legal advisers – but most do nothing, believing that it will somehow all go away, or that there is no way out. Unfortunately, the problem doesn’t usually go away and creditors are left with only one option – to go to court and issue a bankruptcy notice (for individuals) or a statutory demand (for companies).

If you are in receipt of a court writ, bankruptcy notice or statutory demand, we strongly recommend you contact us urgently. There are a surprising number of options and strategies available, depending on your personal circumstances. These solutions may be available to you even where you genuinely owe the debt, and range from defending the judgment, making an application for installment payments, setting aside the judgment or making a private settlement agreement.

Our litigation team is experienced in finding commercial solutions that may surprise you. Should the matter be litigated, we will be ready to defend you, thus strengthening your bargaining position with your creditors. We have recently achieved amazing results with several clients facing imminent bankruptcy, which they managed to stave off – in fact, they came away with substantial benefits. Creditors do accept genuine solutions to resolve debt.

Call us and let us assist you.